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Hey there everyone, sorry we’ve been so remiss in getting our blog postings up. We promise to try to do better; in fact we have to because Ed has quite a collection of wonderful photos piling up in Lightroom.

We always look at the places we visit and ask each other if it’s somewhere we could live. Of the two places covered in this posting Prescott makes the list! What a cool little town! We camped at Point of Rocks RV Park because it backs right up to the Granite Dells just outside of town.

Granite Dells, Prescott

Granite Dells, Prescott

One of the coolest things we’ve discovered over the last 2 months in Arizona is the amazing diversity in landscape and geological formations. In fact, Ed calls the whole state a theme park for geologists. The Precambrian Granite Dells, some of the oldest rocks on the planet, are one of these geologic surprises. We spent an afternoon looking at and climbing up and down over this fabulous giant fairy land of stone. We saw faces, Muppets, gnomes, body parts and whole figures reclining in the scattered and balanced granite, and that doesn’t begin to cover our delight in seeing the Liesegang rings (patterns in the rock) caused by the precipitation of limonite.



Having had a good bit of exercise on day one, we spent day two in town. Whiskey Row before 1953, a notorious red light district right next to the county courthouse, is full of art galleries, restaurants, bars, shops and fun. Ed says he could eat pizza everyday (please no comments 🙂 ) and having gone for weeks without he was getting cranky. Bill’s Pizza came to the rescue and we highly recommend you give them a try if you’re in town. YUMMM!!!

Pizza Pizza!

Pizza Pizza!

We also enjoyed an adult beverage (or more) at The Palace Restaurant and Saloon. On July 14th 1900 when the length of Whiskey Row caught fire the Palace’s patrons carried the huge bar, liquor cabinet and piano player with his piano across the street to the courthouse square where serving continued as they watched the place burn down!! 20150325-_EKP1069

What a town!! Put Prescott Arizona on you MVL (Must Visit List)

Leaving town via the very steep and extremely switch backed State Route 89A through Cottonwood and Jerome we headed for Sedona and Red Rock Country. This is an incredibly beautiful drive but if your vehicle is any larger than our little 25 footer DON’T travel this route! If nothing else gets you the tiny cliff-side town of Jerome will!

Road on the left and road on the right...

Road on the left and road on the right…

Sedona is known for glorious red rock mountains and it truly is lovely in all directions. We did not do more than drive through town as it’s a big tourist destination and being Spring Break it was busier than we generally care for. We did however go on a 5 mile hike back up the Mund’s Wagon Trail just up the road from the Rancho Sedona RV Park where we camped. Compared to some of our hikes this was relatively easy and we had a delightful day.

On Mund's Wagon Trail

On Mund’s Wagon Trail

20150327-_EKP1113We’ll be posting soon with our continuing “WOW, look at that!” trip to Flagstaff and surrounds, ‘til then hope you are enjoying Ed’s photos!

Sleeping figure.  Can you see it?

Sleeping figure. Can you see it?

Marti scrambling...

Marti scrambling…


Liesegang rings

Balancing Rock

Balancing Rock


In Prescott, memorial to Roosevelt's Rough Riders, the Arizona 1st Cavalry

In Prescott, memorial to Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, the Arizona 1st Cavalry

Elks Theater in Prescott

Elks Theater in Prescott


Cairns on the Mund’s Wagon Trail


Agave Century Plants. Babies from the dead one in the middle


Trail-side blooms


Sedona Red Rocks on the trail


All done...

All done…